Just by virtue of having enrolled your child at SPA, you are a member of the PSO to support your child’s education! Our PSO serves the school in many capacities:

  • Facilitating student socials
  • Showing appreciation to SPA staff 
  • Running the lunch/vending program 
  • Bringing guest speakers to speak to families 
  • Selling used uniforms and books 
  • Organizing Museia (the annual art festival and carnival) and other community building events

 And these are just a few of our initiatives!  

Most events, such as school socials, operate on a net zero budget meaning we charge students to cover the expenses.  Other events, such as Museia, is a free community event sponsored by the PSO. As you know, charter schools do not receive as much money as other public schools so our PSO brings in revenue through the lunch program, used uniform sales, gift card sales, etc., to allow the school to budget for additional items that they might not otherwise have been able to provide. We support SPA by donating the money collected by the PSO during the school year as a lump sum towards more expensive needed items for the following academic year. This way the PSO is supporting the bigger picture items that might not otherwise be able to be purchased.  

What does the PSO do?

As highlighted above, the PSO serves the Scottsdale Prep community as support.  We work together to support the students’ education by enhancing the middle and high school experience.  The lunch and vending program is completely volunteer run by the PSO. We provide support for socials, such as the quarterly middle school socials, middle school half day outings, school-wide Ice Den outing, high school homecoming dance, high school winter formal, high school prom, school-wide Museia art festival and carnival.  We provide opportunities to reuse items, such as used uniform and book sales. We support SPA families by offering guest lecturers on relevant topics, such as on drugs, vaping, social media, to help our students be their best. We also come together by grade level to provide monthly lunches to show our appreciation for our teachers and staff in addition to our winter Snowstorm, which is our annual campaign to collect funds to give a community gift to each staff member in December.  

Over the years, here are some of the past items purchased with the end-of-the-school-year funds raised:

  • Shade Structure (2012)
  • Gymnasium Bleachers (2013)
  • Purchase of Laptop Carts (2014-2015)
  • Theater Upgrades (2016)
  • Installation of Classroom Hanging Projectors (2016-2017)
  • New Library furniture (2018)
  • Commemorative Gift to the Better Together Campaign (2015-2020)
  • Screen & Projector for library and 18 additional Security Cameras (2021-2022)

How do I join the PSO?

Unlike a PTA or PTO, all families are automatically part of the SPA PSO. There are no joining or membership fees. The PSO is part of the school, not a separate organizational entity. The PSO works closely in conjunction with the SPA administration in servicing the school community.

All SPA families benefit from the fundraisers and activities organized by the PSO. All families are welcomed to help in any way they can – a little or a lot – it all helps us to give to the school and enrich our students’ academic and social experience at SPA. Families support the school through the PSO in many ways, from purchasing lunch through the lunch program to volunteering items or their precious time to a school sponsored social event (e.g., Harvest Festival).

How can I help?

Get involved! We need help in any of numerous volunteer opportunities or contact a committee chair to help with a specific committee. We have something for everyone’s schedule so check out our information page for the PSO committees, services and fundraising programs.  Also if you have any ideas for a new PSO initiative, come to a PSO meeting and/or contact a board member!  We welcome new voices! Complete the PSO volunteer form and checkout our PSO committee info.