Consumable Books

At Great Hearts Academies, it has always been the tradition for students to develop a personal library of books that they mark in, keep and return to during their time at Great Hearts Academies, and treasure for years to come. We call these books “Classics to Keep”. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to purchase these books for their own personal collections, so that they can mark them and keep them, allowing students to develop their own impressive personal library of classics over the course of their academic career with Scottsdale Prep.
Consumable List 2022-2023


At the beginning of each academic year, textbooks are issued to each student. These textbooks remain the property of Scottsdale Prep and require a deposit that is fully refundable upon return of the textbook in permissible condition. If you would like to purchase an additional textbook, please see the provided list for the titles and ISBNs.
Depository Textbook List 2022-2023

Supply Lists

Please view the supply lists below for the grade level needed.

6th Grade Student Supply List 2022-2023

7th Grade Student Supply List 2022-2023

8th Grade Student Supply List 2022-2023

HS Grade Student Supply List 2022-2023

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