Homework Club is a place for your student to complete homework, receive peer tutoring, and quietly socialize with friends in a supervised environment. The program runs every school day (including half days) after school until 5:30PM.

  • Registration Fee $25 non-refundable
  • Pre-Pay for the entire year and receive a discounted rate! $800 for first child $600 for each additional child
  • Monthly Cost: $100 per month for first child $70 per month for each additional child
  • Additional Options: $300 one time fee for care on the 24 half days $100 for each child per season for athletes and siblings of athletes
  • Additional Fees: $10 late pick-up fees begin being assessed at 5:31 (see details on following page)
  • Go to Scottsdale Prep Payment Portal on the SPA website and pay non-refundable registration fee and choice of payment plan

For more information, contact: Mr. Thomas Underdal tunderal@Scottsdaleprep.org